Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apartment Sized Freezer

Ok so as I've talked about before living in an apartment makes it challenging to stockpile. One of the hardest places for me is the freezer! Our freezer is small & half of it is the ice maker. So my question goes out to you, if you can only fit a small amount in your freezer, what do you HAVE to stock in there? My musts are: ice cream (my daughter & I are pretty much daily eaters of this so we always have 2 kinds in there), a frozen pizza, veggies, frozen beef patties, a few sausage & beef rolls & chicken (that I buy fresh & separate & put in the ziploc bags by the lb).

What's in your freezer?

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  1. I have a small 2b/2b apartment on the 3RD FLOOR. We have a medium size deep freeze in the dining room. We LOVE it!